How can merchants and members withdraw money from WMT system?

Members can withdraw funds through the following methods:
1. Wire transfer to the member’s bank account.
2. Withdrawal via cryptocurrency wallet.

Merchants can withdraw funds through the following methods:
1. Wire transfer to the merchant’s bank account.
2. Withdrawal via cryptocurrency wallet.

What is Wallet Money Terminal (WMT)?

Wallet Money Terminal (WMT) is a system designed to smoothen the process of membership fees payment, commission settlement, and purchase of membership products & services. It ultimately helps companies, groups, and fans clubs to expand their reach globally.

What are the advantages of having WMT?

WMT will help ease the process of collecting fees, settling commissions, and purchasing products/services within the membership system. It will also lessen the time for receiving/sending international remittances and payments, and reduce the cost. With WMT helping the merchants in processing their transactions, they can concentrate on expanding their own businesses.

How much does WMT system cost?

The price depends on the requested contents of the system. Please contact us for more details.

Can WMT system be customized?

Yes it can. Customization is possible with WMT system. Web design, fees, and company logo can be added.

Can merchants select and add other languages in their WMT system?

Yes they can choose and add other languages in the WMT System.
[Available Languages]
Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English,
※Other languages, apart from the ones above, can also be requested and added.

What currency do you support?

EUR (Euro)
USD (US Dollar)
JPY (Japanese Yen)
PHP (Philippine Peso)
IDR (Indonesian Rupiah)
Cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, etc.

Please contact us for more details.

Can WMT support Bitcoin?

Yes. With WMT, settlement and remittance via Bitcoin is possible.

What is the settlement API?

Settlement API connects the WMT System with the merchant’s website. This will enable clients to send money from their WMT accounts to the merchant for settlement. This can also be used as a means of purchasing products, using the funds from their own WMT accounts.

What is Account API?

After a merchant applied for a WMT account, Account API can be integrated to their own website to enable their members and clients to register and have their own WMT accounts. This gives their members/clients smoother and faster transactions. This greatly reduces costs and increases customers' satisfaction.

What is Remittance API?

It is a service connected via API that allows remittance of funds from the WMT merchants' accounts to their members’ accounts via Internal Transfer. The currency can also be specified for each transfer.

What is Local Deposit?

It is a remittance service which uses local banks for faster transactions.

Can I use it on a smartphone?

Yes. WMT is also accessible via hand-held smart devices.

Are there cards which can be connected to WMT System?

Merchants interested to connect cards to WMT system can avail of the UPI Prepaid Card exclusive for the platform.

What are the main duties and responsibilities of a WMT merchant?

For Customer Support, WMT Merchant should handle Customer Support for their members.
For Member's Card Application: When their members apply for cards, the merchant would need to create and submit a list of card applications to us for processing.

How can members deposit funds, that they can use for payment/settlement, in WMT system?

There are various deposit methods they can choose from. They can use overseas remittance, domestic remittance (via Local Bank Transfer) and cryptocurrency deposit. Other options may be added soon.

Can merchant send money to all members at once?

Yes, this is option is available. Merchants must submit a list of members for bulk remittance first. Aside from remittance, bulk transfer option is also available for paying commissions and dividends.

What are the important information the member has to consider when making deposits and withdrawals?

Members can only deposit/withdraw from the accounts under his/her name.
※WMT merchants, however, can deposit / withdraw from accounts other than their own.

Can the WMT merchant manage deposits and withdrawals of their members?

Admin access can be provided to the WMT merchants for them to check the real-time status of their members' deposits and withdrawals.

How can the WMT merchant collect membership fees?

WMT has the option to automatically collect membership fees, on a given schedule.